5th October - 18th November 2017

The transformative power of the maker’s process is unpicked and reassembled in this exhibition of unique installations by five artists and designers. In her project Joining Bottles, Micaella Pedros asks us to rethink our use of waste plastic by reinterpreting it as a useful and beautiful material to fix, join and recreate. Ceramicist Yanire Sylva Delgado’s work revels the human touch of the designer through her physical interaction with clay. In her ‘hall of masks’ installation Many Faces this human interaction is taken one step further with visitors encouraged to step up and momentarily become part of the display. Using tactile cinematography, photographs and bone fossil sculpture, Yesenia Thibault-Picazo’s film installation Anthropocene captures the movements of the new age of man.  Product designers Group Design reveal the anatomy of furniture-making with their exploded-view sculpture of a three-legged stool. And finally, Tim Summers’ Wobbly Peyote, an outsized version of his well-known wooden desk toy, will be tottering animatedly in the space. Come along, look, play and be a part of the makers’ movements.

Exhibiting makers

Humanitarian Designer
Material Teller
Furniture Design
Furniture Designer/Maker