August 21, 2017
Hello Sideshow!


What. A. Party! A humongous thank you to every single person that helped us welcome SIDESHOW into life! From Cllr Clare Coghill from Waltham Forest Council and Matthew Weiner from U+I for their kind speeches, to the wonderful Mbilla Arts Group and Wheel Up Sound System for entertaining us with the and providing some foot popping beats which definitely help set the vibe for the evening, along with Victory GinWildcard Brewery and MyPie for the delicious food and chilled beverages on what was a lovely summer’s evening for a party!

We had the wonderful Simon Way shooting for us thorough out evening, so take a look through this album of snippets.

Photographs © Simon Way

June 22, 2017
Interview with Toby Poolman, Marble Run Designer

Blackhorse Workshop is known for putting on creative spectacles and it was only natural for the team to design an interactive and visual marvel for Sideshow. We sat down with Toby Poolman, the designer and mastermind being the giant marble run, to hear more about the project.

“U+I and Blackhorse Workshop wanted a spectacle that would engage the local community. We also wanted to create something that promoted the workshop locally and in the wider area.”

Speaking about his response when he was first approached with the concept of the build, Toby told us:

“I was excited at the creative freedom of this blank canvas with a site with such an interesting heritage.”

With a structure and space that could facilitate a number of possibilities, one could only ask, why a marble run? To which Toby replied: 

“the playfulness of Blackhorse Workshop projects to date combined with the desire to create a fun place for kids to enjoy, got us thinking about kinetic sculptures, participatory installations and arcade games”.

For both U+I and the team at Blackhorse Workshop, the desired outcome and reaction from the public through the marble run isn’t for it to become a one-off fun and interactive experience, but for it to become an attraction to which people return. “The main hope is that children enjoy operating the run and return for repeat visits, encouraging a  fascination with its moving parts”.

The marble run will open from 16th August, and continue to develop throughout the project.